AC Sport racing cars specialist

AC Sport make and create differents parts for sports cars (such as Rallye cars) made in fiber glass, carbon, texalium or Kevlar®.
We offer you a large choice of body parts, special inner and outside fittings and lower protections.

At your disposal for your needs, through a large choice of products.

-Body parts in fiber glass (Full body kit, roof vent etc.)
-Inner and outside parts in fiber glass (inner panels door, air intake cockpit diffuser, air intake bonnet diffuser etc.)
-Inner and outside parts in carbon or texalium (extern rear miror, inner panels door, driver and co driver restfoot etc.)
-Motor parts (air box, box of degasification, etc.)
-Protection parts in Kevlar® (protection of wheel, sumpguard, protection of tank)

All parts made in carbon can be made in texalium.
We also propose specific parts and make to measure various works to
satisfy some of your requirement.

To order thank you for sending us an email to: or phoning us in +33 (0) 467651314 or by fax to +33 ( 0 ) 467073382, by specifying your address and phone number(coordinates) as well as the reference of the parts which interest you. You can use the order form.